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A Reason To Write (ARTW)

The purpose of this club is to encourage students to grow in the craft of writing in all forms. It is our hope that we can bring a rebirth to writing as a popular art form and inspire others to write creatively.

A.L.P.H.A. (Academics, Leadership, Public Service, Humanity & Acceptance) Club (A.L.P.H.A. Club)

The A.L.P.H.A. Club's purpose is to promote a sense of community and equality through the student population, and to help foster social growth in our members. The club achieves the purpose through workshops, involvement in community activities.

Accounting Club (TAC)

Club Email: ♦The Accounting Club sponsors programs and opportunities for students seeking a career in accounting. The mission of the Club is to increase students’ knowledge of the accounting profession.

American Chemical Society

The purpose of the American Chemical Society Student Chapter is to promote awareness, campus and community involvement in Chemistry and related sub-disciplines. To empower, foster, and guide future generations of students in chemistry or related majors

American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)

AWARENESS.UNDERSTANDING.COMMUNICATION The purpose of the American Sign Language Club is to raise awareness in the community regarding Deaf Culture and American Sign Language.

Armed Forces Club

The Armed Forces club promotes positive awareness, recognition, and interaction of Veterans, Dependents of Veterans, and service members within the College and local community.

Art Club-"Artists With a Cause" (Artists of All Mediums and Lovers of Art are Welcome!)

The Art Club focuses on uniting artists of all mediums and art lovers alike by encouraging an appreciation and awareness of the relevancy of art in life through art-related activities such as: guest artists, exhibitions, lectures and fundraising.

Athletics and Intramurals

The Sports and Recreation Center is offering FREE Intramural Activities to all CSI students, Faculty and Staff. Funded by Student Activity Fees. All are encouraged to participate in all intramural events and tournaments.

Bertha Harris Women's Resource Center, The (Women's Resource Center)

The College of Staten Island's Women's Center is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of women students, to addressing gender-related issues, and to empowering women in order to strengthen the entire community.


A literary journal founded by a community of writers and artists who hold the principle that art is a craft.

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